Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Blundering and Clueless As Always

Out of touch and out of ideas:
I almost felt a little sorry for her Tuesday as I watched her performance on Jansing & Co. on MSNBC, hurtling herself into enemy territory, burdened with the task of defending her party’s record and posture on women. Kirsten, I’ve been there. All of us who’ve done television have—those moments when you know you’ve got nothing, so you keep talking and talking, saying nothing, larding your sentences down with “you know”s and “uh”s, wondering if the viewers can see your face turning red, praying that any second now you’ll hear the host say, “Sorry, we’re out of time.”
It's not even news anymore--the Republican Party is held in thrall of the idea that there are still enough old white men to vote them into power. And, in many places, this is true--the Republicans are probably going to sweep the mid-terms and do quite well in the South once again. They won't do it with the votes of women or minorities or young people. Those folks stay home during the mid-terms, and that's why Democrats are always vulnerable. So, yes, the Republicans are going to win some elections this fall and they'll continue to expand their gerrymandered power base.

But that's not because it is a party with ideas or the ability to govern--far from it. No one is voting for these Republicans to do anything except say no to things they tribalistically hate. There's no reason to vote for them because they have no ideas. The only votes they're going to get are the ones from people who hate the ideas that this President espouses, even if they're Republican ideas and favor the wealthy and the privileged.

You'd think that, by now, this President would have the support of at least half of the Republican Party. They're doing quite well on Wall Street and the country is reducing the debt. You'd think that they would welcome Hillary Clinton with open arms. She won't do anything to jeopardize the enormous wealth generated by being a courtier to corporate power.

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