Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Legendary Incompetence of Donald Rumsfeld

Donald Rumsfeld has pushed his name back into the news this week, and this is akin to rolling a ten ton boulder straight up a mountain. His reputation remains in tatters and he should never be seriously quoted about anything ever again. The legacy of the Bush years has not dimmed nor have thinking people forgotten just incompetent Rumsfeld was. This was the man who helped sell the war in Iraq, which drained the military of the resources necessary to stabilize Afghanistan just long enough for us to get the hell out.

Who knew Rumsfeld was such a racist asshole? The ape remark is appropriate for a man of his age and commensurate with thinking African-American males are not human and are ape-like in their facial features and in their intelligence. If you can publicly dehumanize the President of the United States in such a manner, you've established yourself as a public racist. Whatever decency Rumsfeld had vanished when he realized his legacy as a public servant is so full of holes as to be ridiculous. He has won the booby prize for being stupid and he knows it. In his soul, he knows just how bad he was and just how horrible of a job he did in the service of his country. That he does not have the decency to sit at home in a dark room and hide his shame is neither here nor there--he's a Republican, and the media establishment drags around a hard-on for his every batted eyelash.

A man who neither respected nor tolerated or encouraged diplomacy should never comment on it, ever. His track record is too terrible to consider. This is a man who could have taken the United States to war with actual allies in a legitimate fashion. He derided them as old and watched in horror as American troops were blown sky-high in vehicles that were inferior to the ones our allies had in abundance.

When they reassess the Bush foreign policy of the 2000s, there will be a tendency to try to smooth over the mistakes, the blunders, the foolish statements and the gaffes. We went to war with the Army we had, and we dealt with some known unknowns, but the whole enterprise was such a mind-blowing clusterfuck that there really is no precedent, save Vietnam, in American history. The difference has been, instead of Nixon, we had Obama to get us out, and get us out he did, with minimal fuss and no indictments.

The next American president who extricates the American military and diplomatic apparatus from a war of choice that has gone south on us should hire some good lawyers and put people like Don Rumsfeld under the jail, not in the jail.

This is the legacy of Donald Rumsfeld.

President Obama's legacy? Getting us out of Iraq will be a big part of it.

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