Friday, February 21, 2014

Republicans Need to Get Over Their Own Mythology

This whole article treads lightly on reality. Republicans are demographically shifting themselves into a permanent minority. And what's not helping is the fact that they believe their own bullshit:
A few GOP consultants say the party's conservative philosophy hinders the sharing of its best ideas—both with other Republican campaigns and within individual campaigns themselves. "We are so individualistic on the Republican side, both in our philosophy and policy," Harris said. "It definitely bleeds over into how we are managing and structuring campaigns. And we have to break that."
Even the party's agenda can get in the way. As Robert Draper outlined in The New York Times Magazine in February, the party's conservatism on cultural issues might prevent it from recruiting the young operatives it needs from Silicon Valley and other places. The problems with these tech-savvy youths mirror the GOP's problem with young voters in general who might sympathize with the party's fiscal conservatism. As Draper wrote, the GOP's opposition to gay marriage and abortion rights alienates those would-be operatives. The talent pools the GOP must tap into, then, are running dry.
Hidebound and out of touch with the shifting of the culture is more like it. This is why the Republicans lose among minorities and lose among young people--they are still running on racial issues and tribalism. The people who supported racism and cultural conservatism in decades past are dying off. The longer the GOP waits for change--and by change we mean becoming more like Democrats just like always--the harder it will be to keep Gerrymandering their way into office.

You would have thought that there would have already been a Tea Party purge. Instead, they just keep doubling down, hoping that medical science will preserve enough Republican voters. Someone should have embraced a medical industry reform initiative so that older people would live longer. I hear Mitt Romney had an idea along those lines and couldn't run on it because his entire party was batshit crazy.

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