Friday, February 7, 2014

Everything is Obama's Fault. Everything

Everyone should have access to health care coverage. Everyone.

The problem is, we aren't fully understanding who is to blame when the process of selecting and buying health care coverage goes haywire. Ike Brannon is having a hell of a time getting his Obamacare to work. The problem is, he's not actually prepared to blame the right party for not getting coverage:
My facilitator and I again call regularly, to no avail, until I received a message on my answering machine on January 14 from D.C. Health Link: they have processed my information and I just need to call Carefirst by 6 p.m. the next day and I'll be set.

So I call, and hold for an hour 45 minutes, and talk to a Carefirst agent, who informs me that D.C. Health Link had not, in fact, sent over the appropriate information, and that I was out of luck for January.

Which was fine: it was a month, no one in the family broke a leg, the full price on our prescriptions weren't that outrageous (a scant $350), so we soldiered on.
The next two weeks consisted of regular calls to D.C. Health Link—who told me without exception they will send my case to their supervisor to follow up—and Carefirst, who continued to tell me D.C. Health Link has not, in fact, followed up and sent them what they need for me to get insurance.

On January 31, my broker/facilitator gives me the name of the supervisor she has talked to. I email her, and she says they sent over the information--on January 14. Carefirst has such a long wait time over the phone I am kicked off the circuit and told to call back Monday.

If this is resolved by February 15 they tell me I will be covered for the month: that seems to me to be a sucker's bet.

While I thought this was bad policy, I figured it would be good for my family, since I am now self-employed and we have some pre-existing conditions that made our insurance costly. It may still work out that way, if I ever managed to purchase insurance.
Do you know what is bad policy? It's bad policy for Carefirst to not have enough employees to process health care policies. How is that Obamacare's fault? The health insurance industry is, to put it mildly, deliberately being shitheaded about providing people with the insurance they are entitled to by law. 

Obamacare is a long damned way from being perfect or really, really good. But you cannot deny that Brannon's problems are derived largely from the fact that Carefirst made a staffing decision not to ramp up and accommodate people like himself. They put their profits ahead of compliance with the law and the people who need health care are getting screwed. I hope Mr. Brannon gets his health care quickly and without anymore fuss, but I'm not going to accept the fact that the law is to blame. The fact that there aren't enough people processing applications and entering information into Carefirst's system is what's to blame, in my opinion.

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