Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fox News Can't Help Itself

The jokes write themselves.

Once the political fortunes of Chris Christie began to collapse--you need not call him governor anymore because they are going to keep at him until he resigns--Fox News started screaming Benghazi as much as it possibly could. They dumped out of his news conference and look for Sean Hannity to start handing off to Megyn Kelly with teasers about new bombshells about Benghazi.

What Republicans don't understand is that this couldn't have happened at a better time. Once Christie is gone, they have ten months until the 2014 elections; after that, the 2016 Presidential Election cycle will kick off in the spring of 2015. By this time in a year, no one will remember Christie if he gets out of politics now and they won't have the Outlaw Jersey Whale to carry around on their backs.

Christie is the John Edwards of the Republican Party. He has a tin ear for what's appropriate, he doesn't care if what he's doing affects the party, and he sees himself as being above scrutiny in all things. He has that lethal combination of being certain of his future while doing whatever it takes to destroy his chances. The Republican Party doesn't know how lucky it is to have this guy exposed so soon after the election cycle. If this was September of 2014, they'd be reeling from being associated with this ratfucker.

Chris Christie will go down as a ratfucker, and he will be remembered as a Nixon who coulda been.

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