Monday, January 6, 2014

Chris Cillizza is a Hack

Chris Cillizza is one of the biggest hacks writing about politics today. Who is writing about the IRS scandal anymore? Who cares about that in the least? No one. That's because it was a manufactured, phony scandal that didn't affect the President at all (otherwise, how did he get re-elected?).

Cillizza represents a conventional wisdom that is out of step with reality. To him, as a political insider, these phony scandals ate up hours and hours of idle chatter and were responsible for dozens, in not hundreds, of blog posts and columns. It's hard to abandon that much personal effort when you realize that the entirety of the "scandal" was dreamed up by an incompetent Congressman.

Hacks like this will continue to hammer away at nothing in order to satisfy their desire to tear the President down so they can start building up someone else before the 2016 election. The cycle has to be followed in order to churn out more garbage. Who edits Cillizza? How'd they let him sneak in a reference to the IRS scandal?

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