Sunday, November 3, 2013

Why Do Americans Care About Rob Ford?

When it comes to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, I have to ask--who cares? He's not an American problem and he's not an embarrassment to the American version of the rule of law. He's a Canadian who embarrasses the people of Toronto, and thus perhaps much of Ontario, but still. He's the problem we don't have in this country. We can get rid of our own mayors, thank you very much.

Are we secretly delighting in this sort of public meltdown? Are we convinced he's that bad of a guy? He's probably the worst kind of modern public politician--good at appearing to do his job and excellent at winning elections. What he does with his power and influence is directly the result of the job awarded to him by voters in Toronto. They seem to love him and they seem to want him.

If he's as bad as they say he is when it comes to breaking the law, the mere fact that he has not been arrested yet should tell you something about what he's alleged to have done--it must not have been that bad. Or it must be a uniquely Canadian thing to be allowed to hold public office, get wasted all the time, and act like a toad-licking jackass. My rule is this--is he in custody? Who arrested him? If not, shut up until he is in cuffs.

Mayor Ford, get hammered all you want.

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