Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Limits of Power

President Bush ducks after a shoe is thrown at him

I think we need to get out of Afghanistan and not bother signing a security agreement with the Afghan government:
A small, bipartisan group of senators are seeking legislation to force President Barack Obama to seek permission from Congress to keep any U.S. troops in Afghanistan past the end of 2014. 
Following a report by NBC News on Tuesday detailing a draft security agreement between the United States and Afghanistan, which envisions continued U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan following the conclusion of combat operations, Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., and three other senators have offered an amendment to an annual defense spending bill to limit Obama's authority.
Whenever anyone tried to limit the authority of President Bush, in relation to the Iraq War, the media and the conservative movement howled in protest at practically the same time. Now they are silent as a group of Senators decide to step into the debate, which isn't happening, over whether or not to set up a permanent presence in Afghanistan. It's okay, I guess, as long as you are only limiting the power of a Democratic President.

Can you limit the actions of a President who inherited a war that was already authorized by the Senate? My guess is that the answer will be, how dare you.

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