Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Move Over, Maryland

Hey, Cletus! Move over.
The "move over" law requires drivers approaching a stopped emergency vehicle with its lights activated to change into an available lane so drivers are not next to the emergency vehicle. If there is no available lane to move over, drivers should decrease speed and carefully pass.
Law enforcement officials in Maryland are going to stop you, ticket you, and ruin your day if you don't move over or slow down when approaching emergency vehicles.

Violating the "move over" law is a primary offense with a fine that can range from $110 up to $750 if the violation contributes to a crash resulting in injury or death, according to police.

My take on the problems associated with a change in the law like this are not profound or anything. I like laws like this and I have no problem with the fines or the enforcement. I think that, when you change any law related to driving, it will take years to get people to bend their habits and adapt to a new procedure. We already have too many bad drivers out there and we have far too many inattentive drivers. Now you want them to move over? That's going to take a lot of effort.

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