Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Do you still have a pair of Crocs?

When it comes to the study of trends and functionality and design, you have to concede that Crocs were a brilliant product. Using almost next to nothing in raw materials, these shoes combined color, curves, looks and functionality and made a big splash. The problem was, they weren't indispensable. They were disposable and inspired copycats. And while it may have been fashionable to be comfortable, Crocs received some bad press along the way.

The biggest knock against them seemed to be a pervasive urban myth: kids were getting them caught in escalators. Then, they were banned in schools because they couldn't provide enough protection and support, especially in bad weather.

Is that what started the decline in sales? Or could it be that the trend simply died out? I have no idea--I've never owned a pair and probably never will.

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