Thursday, October 17, 2013

The RINOs Saved the Economy

The bleatings and the complaints of the defeated are to be expected. The anti-government crowd was sold out and sent packing. At no point in American history have so many powerful men seen their Waterloo quite like this one. Factions have always existed, but this particular faction has run the table of American politics for almost three years. Yesterday, their table was upended and their fancy dinners were thrown back in their faces. They have been invited to play the part of the old hound dog that can't quite hunt anymore and they have been told to lay under the porch all day and suck on unacceptable eggs.

Todd Starnes wants to be outraged, but he can't quite bring himself to understand one simple fact: everything that was passed yesterday could have been stopped by a disciplined caucus of solid Republicans. The media didn't prevent that from happening. The Democrats didn't prevent it. The Republicans are not united behind a single goal. The politics of their issues are all losers, one and all. To call the ones who wavered RINOs ignores the fact that if there was a solid party apparatus capable of keeping the caucus in line, this wouldn't have happened. The wheels keep turning, and this country is in fine shape compared to everyone else.

My invitation to these people is this--if you hate government and if you hate America that much, find an island somewhere and show us how you would do things. Go, and then tell us how your new society compares to your racist idea of utopia.

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