Monday, September 16, 2013

The Senate Protects Itself While Ignoring Your Safety

This struck me as worth blogging about:

In the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook, and in the wake of virtually every other mass shooting in recent memory, the United States Senate has done nothing to make it harder for mentally incompetent people to get their hands on guns. They haven't made it harder for criminals to get guns. Today's shooter, a man like Aaron Alexis, who was thrown out of the Navy for shooting off his gun, can get guns and there's nothing wrong with that, at least if you're a United States Senator, because, goddammit, Freedom!

And so, our debate goes on without ever reaching any kind of conclusion. We will be distracted and lied to and misinformed again and again until people wake up and realize that maybe we should have a common sense debate about public safety and what we can do to be smarter about controlling who gets a gun and who doesn't.

Gun control, as an issue, is a non-starter in America. It won't happen because there is too much money being spent to keep it from happening. When the cash swings the other way, then and only then will we see a comprehensive effort to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill. Alexis was a criminal, and how he got his guns will inform this debate. It doesn't matter--he shouldn't have had his guns, period.

Look at the profiles in courage we've seen today. When the most recent mass shooting happens within walking distance of the United States Senate, of course they go on lockdown. Of course they shut things down and go secure. They are simply not willing to live in an America where people are running around with guns, shooting one another. They are above that, you see. The America you live in is separate and not equal to the one that keeps them safe. You are fodder for violence. They are the elites and they will not be touched by the thing they won't deal with.

In the middle of a public safety crisis, the Senate locks the doors and hides while doing nothing to make it so that the rest of the American people can be a little safer and more secure. You don't matter. You can soak up the bullets and live in cities and towns teeming with guns but our elites will lock themselves inside and hide under their desks. They must be kept safe.

You are on your own.

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