Monday, September 16, 2013

So Long, Larry Summers

A lot will be written about denying Larry Summers yet another perch from which he could look down on the economy and do whatever it is he does. I find it hard to believe that anyone on the left, anyone who considers themselves a liberal, and the left wing of the Democratic Party in general has the power to determine who gets what job anymore.

If you are a conservative Senator, you can pretty much deny this administration anything you want. We have numerous judicial appointments that are still languishing in limbo. We have an incomplete Federal cabinet and we have gridlock when it comes to nominees that require confirmation from the Senate. That power is not held by anyone who comes from the left side of the political spectrum. Summers was sunk because of some other issue or reason, probably having more to do with a general lack of approval from some obscure Republican Senator than anything else.

This article seems to suggest that there are Democratic Senators who can, you know, change things. Senators Sherrod Brown, Jeff Merkley and Elizabeth Warren are powerful and won't be hung out to dry by the Democratic Party establishment, I gather? They are not going to face the music for helping to drive Summers out of the Fed job?

When did the left get this magical power to deny appointments? Why doesn't the left use this power more often?

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