Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It Is Not a Filibuster

When the hacks have to acknowledge that what Senator Ted Cruz is doing is not a filibuster, and when they have to say things such as "filibuster-like" up front, then you know we're being treated to a theater of the absurd.

Timothy P. Carney fails to acknowledge one thing we know about the American system of government--when the Congress passes legislation, and when the President signs it into law, we don't get to scream for a do-over. This Congress couldn't pass anything to revoke or rescind or defund anything right now because it is a non-functioning deliberative body. And it is non-functioning because of extremists like Senator Cruz. If the American people don't like the law, they have to vote for people who can accumulate the votes to get rid of it.

The fear is that Obamacare is working, and it is a legitimate fear because it is working, and it will work, and these antics and theatrics are a sickening show. If the Democrats had tried this during the Bush years, they would have been arrested and deported. The hacks fail to understand this. Democracy isn't supposed to come unraveled like this, but it is, and it is happening because the American public is less informed than it has ever been. What a disgrace.

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