Monday, September 2, 2013

Dumb Stunts Fail to Inspire

This is good for Diana Nyad, but, really, who cares?

It is 2013. If you are inspired by an old lady to go swim a long way in the ocean without a shark cage, then go for it.

The sad thing is, no one is inspired by dumb stunts anymore. This is not the Depression--no one is going to give her a hundred dollars for her feat and no one is going to make her a movie star. No one will see this unless it goes viral and, even then, so what?

We need to get beyond these outdated feats of whatever (Because someone will always wonder if there were there steroids involved. Was it a fraud?) because you simply cannot trust that these things are entirely free of interference.

I'm impressed by art. I'm impressed by things that take the mind to create them. The human body and sports, in particular, are impressive but they are open to corruption, as is art, when you think of it, because of things like plagiarism and the like. In this case, someone swam a long way in the ocean. Why was this breaking news all day?

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