Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Daily Caller Isn't Even Trying Anymore

Tucker Carlson's pathetic news organization isn't even making an attempt to say anything remotely interesting about Obamacare anymore. Now, they're just phoning it in. I don't link to the Daily Caller, and you shouldn't either.

Today's howler of a non-story centers around the idea that Federal workers are not interested in joining the program, which is ludicrous because Federal workers already have health care insurance; Obamacare is the government program which allows people without health insurance to find an affordable way into a coverage plan.

The demonization of this process continues. Not only do we have countless wingnut repositories of idiocy making up phony stories, now we have Republican members of Congress trying to further damage and destroy our health care system. Federal workers are already covered under health insurance plans that they can buy and so they are not part of the population that needs health care. So, in order to further screw things up, Representative Dave Camp wants to force Federal workers onto Obamacare to punish them and punish the system. 

What part of giving health insurance options to uninsured Americans do they not understand?

Here you have one party so actively engaged in destroying America that it should be a no-brainer to vote these people out of office. Don't count on it. America is so gerrymandered and uninformed by these activities that it should really be no surprise at all anymore.

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