Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mitt Romney Can't Stop Running For President

Starbursts for Mitt Romney and Paul Romney. Starbursts!
No matter what anyone tells you, Mitt Romney is still running for President. He is your modern version of Harold Stassen:
Having lost last fall's presidential contest, many Republicans eagerly shuffled Romney to the dustbin of history following the election, and he has mostly shied away from the public spotlight since that defeat. 
His speech was a remarkable effort by Romney to revive his reputation as a force in the GOP, following an election in which the former Bain Capital CEO struggled for months to rally conservatives behind his candidacy. Record-low performances among Latino voters and an absolute deficit in digital infrastructure versus the Obama campaign prompted Republicans to engage in post-electoral soul-searching, the implicit assumption of which was that the Romney campaign had failed on many fronts.
Failed on "many" fronts? Try the only one that mattered--getting people to vote for him in an election against a President tied to a weak economy and a disaster of a land war in Asia.

He campaigned unsuccessfully for governor of Pennsylvania (1958 and 1966) and for mayor of Philadelphia (1959). 
In 1978 Stassen moved back to Minnesota and ran a senatorial campaign for the U.S. Congress. 
In 1982 he campaigned for the Minnesota governorship and in 1986 for the fourth district congressional seat. 
He also campaigned as a Republican for the U.S. presidency in every election except 1956, 1960, and 1972.
Mitt Romney will never stop running, and he may end up ordering his children to keep running in his place.

What a fraud.

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