Friday, August 23, 2013

ESPN Is Not In the Business of News

The National Football League is well into a campaign to deny the fact that concussions have destroyed the lives of thousands of former players. The liabilities alone dictate that this multi-billion dollar industry is terrified of being forced to pay the medical costs of linebackers who haven't played since the Nixon Administration. Those players, some obscure and some superstars, are dying young, and with their dying comes the realization that the NFL has chosen to delay the accountability moment for as long as it can so that it can find a way to survive this crisis.

By dictating to ESPN what it can and cannot say about this issue, we learn two things. One, the NFL is in trouble. Two, ESPN is merely an outlet that shows sports on television. It is not a network, it is not a broadcaster, and it doesn't do objectivity or news. It makes money by pretending to be something it is not.

ESPN is in the business of selling ads that people ignore while watching sports, often on two different devices. This industry cannot be threatened by anything, especially the dead and dying brains of people who have been injured playing the sports that are profitable. So, what is the word of ESPN worth on anything? Their word is worthless.

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