Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Why Would Anyone Buy a Surface?

Microsoft has slashed the price of the Surface and they are sending out e-mails, trying to get people like me to buy their product.

No thank you.

I have spent the past few weeks helping people get out of their Windows-based problems, ranging from PCs that were loaded with Windows 8 and PCs that were worked on by the Goof Troop at Geek Squad. I have seen machines that are so bogged down and dysfunctional that they had to be discarded. I have seen what Windows has become and the only thing keeping them afloat are businesses that won't switch and users that don't know any better.

If I wanted a laptop, I'd buy a laptop. I wouldn't buy a Surface and then jam a piece of shit keyboard onto it. If I wanted to run Word and Excel, which are my bread and butter, then I would run them on a Thinkpad loaded with Windows XP.

You want me to buy a Surface? Put Windows XP on it. Give Windows XP a reprieve from being taken to the boneyard. Then, and only then, would I consider something like that.

Windows 8? Garbage. A security nightmare like virtually everything else. At least with XP, you know what you're getting. With Windows 8, prepare yourself for years of security updates and installed updates and download after download.

No thank you.

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