Friday, July 12, 2013

The Paparazzi Are Scumbags

Normally, you would never see the words "Suri Cruise" on a blog like this, but I figured it would be appropriate to speak up on behalf of her disgust with the craven, vicious thugs who call themselves modern paparazzi.

You can hear the bottom feeder in the background, sounding off about Cruise after she, rightly, scolds them for being in the way of where they want to go:

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It doesn't matter if she seems like a brat at this age--she is being subjected to a feeding frenzy based on celebrity and nonsense. She is trying to live, with her single mother, in a world where there are people who make their living taking pictures and video of other people in order to sell them on what is little more than a sensationalistic, prurient market.

Modern paparazzi are the worst human beings on Earth, bar none, and they should be called out as such when they act up. Despite the fact that you can hear a "father" chastising the man who called Cruise a brat, they are engaged in one of the lowest forms of exploitation still possible.

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