Friday, July 26, 2013

The Contempt of the Young

The end of the love affair that tweens are having with Justin Bieber is not coming to an end. It is probably going to intensify and solidify. This young man has a permanent audience that will never abandon him. He has what amounts to a lifetime of success ahead of him.

Spitting on people is just good fun. When you have no regard for other human beings, a group of like-minded idiots that validate your every move, and an endless supply of cash, you can do anything you want. Bieber is the new Prince of America. He is insulated from accountability like royalty.

When a performer has nothing but contempt for his audience, there's no where else to go. The people he spits on are going to keep throwing money into a vast machine that will enrich Bieber and his cronies and they won't have the first clue about why all of this would ever come to an end. I have a suspicion that a forty year-old Bieber is going to act pretty much the same way the 19 year-old acts.

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