Friday, July 26, 2013

Not So Badass Anymore

(Francisco José Garzón AmoGarzon Amo is the new and latest face of incompetence. When all is said and done, they will look at what happened and come to a startling conclusion--automating the various functions of trains makes the drivers lazy and foolish. Amo became a kind of speed demon when driving his trains throughout the Spanish transportation system. Bragging about possibly incurring fines is the same as saying that the system doesn't matter anymore. Amo probably--probably--did his speeding on tracks or on routes that weren't properly monitored. And he probably did his thing in areas where the automation wasn't preset.

In Europe, the trains are subjected to a great deal of safety and speed limitations. Amo was operating on a track that was outside of that system.

All over Europe, train drivers are deleting their social media accounts, trying to scrub their own history of being stupid on the job.

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