Saturday, July 13, 2013

No Idea Where I Was

I have no idea where I was in September, 1979, but I appear to be carrying eggs and displeased about being photographed. I remember the shirt, though. It was a heavy athletic department issued shirt, made of overly-thick material, and very comfortable.

Anyway, it is weird to find things like this and it is even weirder to post them on a blog and have no answer to the question--why were you carrying eggs?

I was probably being useful. Let's leave it at that.

Here on, there are four additional blogs that have been "melded" into this site. You will find content from The Easter Wolf, Hillbilly Thrill, The Chasseurs, and Albert Lea Sucks has been seamlessly added to the already bulging stacks of posts. I am consolidating a lot of things and putting everything here.

Like the idea of posting the picture, I just have to say, why not?

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