Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Heartless Bastards

What a heartless thing to do to someone. Stealing, then flipping their pet:
An Indianapolis Star article rehashed the story of one attempted pet flip that occurred not long ago. A few days after Elizabeth Arroyo’s dog Raiden disappeared in June, Arroyo was forwarded a message showing what appeared to be the dog on Craigslist — not reported as found, but for sale. Arroyo and her father met with the seller, realized quickly that indeed it was Raiden, and then settled on a sale price of $900. Instead of going to an ATM for cash, however, they went to the police.
I want to believe that this is more about our perpetually bad economy than anything else but, really, it's about the overwhelming amount of value and money we have projected onto animals. When I was growing up, you had a dog or a cat and there wasn't a massive, multi-billion dollar profit industry that was built around pets and only pets. There were pet stores, and there was an aisle in the grocery store, and that was about it. Now, it's about a whole hell of a lot more.

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