Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fireworks and Alcohol Are What We're About?

Yes, Americans traditionally get blind, stinking drunk and blow their hands and facial features completely off with fireworks and then, well, they sue the municipalities where these things occur (especially if it was some idiot who threw a cherry bomb at them).

I see a sign like this and I don't automatically think someone is taking away all the fun. I see a sign like this and I realize a universal truth--the town that had to put this sign up is tired of sending cops and ambulances into this park in order to take care of people who can't be bothered to take responsibility for their own safety.  That's the sign that people who have had to drag fathers away from their kids in handcuffs have had to put up; that's the sign that town leaders have had to put up because they can't afford seven or eight more lawsuits from incompetent parents who let their kids run wild and get burned, singed, blown up and blackout drunk in public.

Stupid is our national pastime now. Get used to low standards, broke people shambling around, and an idiocracy of ridiculous people. No wonder we see signs like this--there's nothing left to do but shut things down and pray for relief.

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