Tuesday, June 11, 2013

You Cannot Be This Stupid, Mr. Dettle

Jerrold, my old friend, you look to be about my age and I think we have a lot in common. You and I consider ourselves Republicans, but I'm the kind of Republican that doesn't have my picture taken while standing on an American flag. I don't know why you associate with such folks, but there it is. If you can let me know which one of you idiots decided it was a good idea to stand on the flag and kick it around like a liberal on drugs, let me know.

Anyone who can read can figure out that this whole thing with the surveillance of our citizens is a lot of things, but it is not illegal. It is overseen by our Congress (they have received regular updates on the programs, both Democrats and Republicans) and it is overseen by a FISA court. The law has not been broken, but trust has been broken.

The problem with your opportunistic column is this--it was Nixon who broke the law, it was Reagan who broke the law, and it was Bush who broke the law in order to defend America. When a President breaks the law to defend America, I know one thing in my heart of hearts. Somewhere, a liberal is crying out of his or her butthole about it, all sad and depressed and full of indignation. To hell with them and their squishiness about making absolutely certain that every enemy of America is on the receiving end of lightning and a quick death.

Liberal presidents who break the law typically do so in order to get high or get a woman to slobber all over their crotch. I don't care about them. They are a dime a dozen and they will be gone before you know it. You are correct in assessing what has gone wrong but you forget one important thing--a Republican will be in charge before too long and we want them to have unlimited power to incinerate anyone who raises a hand to American interests.

This Obama fellow is about done anyway. I don't spend any time thinking about him. When President Trump or President Hannity are running things, I want them to be able to keep an eye on America's enemies, especially the ones who go on MSNBC or Al Gore's old TV network and spout off about their nonsense. I want them under the thumb of a surveillance apparatus that is second to none and run like clockwork.

Can't you...won't you...could you please just shut the hell up, Jerrold? You're ignorance is embarrassing. And take your foot off the flag, sir. Or chuck that fellow on the chin and have him step off. Buffoons.

-Norman Rogers

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