Friday, June 28, 2013

Nobody Who Understands Racism Should Feel Sorry For Paula Deen

Pitying Paula Deen is misguided and foolish. How can you feel sorry for a woman with multi-million dollar endorsement deals with retailers who routinely prey on the poor? How can you feel sorry for a woman who peddled "southern cuisine" and high sugar recipes while endorsing a diabetes drug? How can you feel a shred of anything for a woman who kept her own diabetes a secret while selling exactly the kinds of foods that create diabetic comas?

Racism is toxic in this country, and it should remain toxic and it should end careers and break multi-million dollar fortunes. In the case of Deen, everything that is happening to her is as it should be. Her ability to make money sickening others has been greatly reduced and her endorsement deals are crashing all around her. Nobody making the kind of money that she was making ever puts enough of it away and so now she'll have to adjust her lifestyle and live like other Americans. This is not about hating the rich. It is about making certain that you can't get rich from hating people.

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