Saturday, May 4, 2013

Todd Phillips Needs a Little Space

Scorned women really do not have much recourse against men like Todd Phillips. He may have lied to her--he may have been completely honest with her--but something caused Juliana Shiao to snap.

There is a certain level of social responsibility at work here. Either you are, or are not, a complete and utter douchebag when it comes to meeting people, bedding them, and discarding them when you are done with them. Phillips may have made some mistakes, but does that mean he should be stalked and harassed?

In another time, maybe, but he had the money and the lawyers on his side. What did he say to her and what did she think was going to happen? Was she nuts?

Let's sit back and wait and see what happens in the future. If this is an indication of how Phillips acts, then maybe the way that the law came down on Shiao will have to be looked at again.

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