Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Jonathan Murray is Sad

In about ten seconds, Jonathan Murray is about to feel really, really bad:

Thank you, Rep. Shannon Savick, for your recent vote in favor of higher revenues. I know there can be strong opposition to increasing taxes, but when I look at who benefits and how many needs are still unmet, it’s easier to see why voting for more revenues is wise.
Minnesota’s Medical Assistance program, for example, spends a significant amount of its funds on services that help people with disabilities. These programs support people who have significant needs and will always need that support. I have seen our tax dollars pay for services so people with disabilities in Albert Lea and other towns in Freeborn County can find jobs, be more connected to their friends and families, and be an active participant in their communities.
Unfortunately, there are many needs that could be better met if more revenues were raised. For example, there are 3,600 Minnesotans with disabilities who wait for the services that will help them be more independent. Also, one in 88 children is now diagnosed with autism; many will likely receive services throughout their lives. Rep. Savick’s vote in favor of more revenues will help ensure that we can meet the needs of all Freeborn County residents with disabilities and their families now and in the future.

Jo Lowe
executive director
The Arc of Freeborn County

Albert Lea

Boo hoo, Jonathan. Your "inappropriate spending spree" looks like assistance to your fellow citizens, some of whom are disabled. Why don't you shed a tear for some of them, you pathetic baby.

These ranting, immature anti-government types really hate paying their taxes. Why are we surprised to see that the IRS went after these clowns? If your stated goal in life is to howl like a colicky baby every time someone raises taxes, then I don't think you understand the price of living in a civilized society.

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