Saturday, April 13, 2013

You Cannot Ban People From Exposing Terrible Things

Since when does someone breaking the law get to claim that their privacy has been violated? I don't get that at all.

Utah and Iowa, according to the latest news, have banned people from making undercover or surreptitious recordings of the terrible conditions animals are being held in, as well as slaughterhouse practices and things of that nature. No one's privacy needs protection--what needs protecting are the animals. What a pant load all of this is.

Exposing cruelty is an essential First Amendment right. Laws that restrict this free speech should be struck down quickly and efficiently, and this need not go all the way to the horrible Supreme Court of the United States. I would hate to hear Antonin Scalia expounding on how recording animal cruelty is an illegal activity; I'm sure he would sound like an utter jackass with no grounding in the law, as per usual.

No wonder the rest of the world is confused by the direction of America. We have pretended to be about free speech while ensuring that corporations are equal to people and while criminalizing the exposure of animal cruelty.

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