Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Since I don't know anything about Stephanie Cutter, I'll just say this--if you are trying to gain ratings and popularity, why would you put one of the most unsavory and detested men in American history on your network?

Newt Gingrich has been rejected by the very people who agree with him politically; he is the most rejected Republican Speaker of the House in recorded history. He is so hated by Republicans that it would be impossible for him to ever get more than one or two out of ten Americans to even tolerate his presence.

I mean, sure. Crossfire would be a show about watching Gingrich being humiliated in public. The problem is, no one can humiliate Gingrich because he is impossible to nail down on any issue. He will lie about his record, lie about what he has done, and lie about history in order to advance his own agenda. He is an inveterate liar and a hypocrite who cannot be held accountable for anything he has ever done because, in his mind, he didn't do it and if he did, it was the greatest thing ever.

CNN is rapidly becoming a severe and obvious joke. Why would you trust any network that paid money to have Newt Gingrich come in the air and say something?

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