Friday, April 26, 2013

Sarah Palin Has Gone Completely Out of Her Mind

You know Sarah Palin has gone crazy when she's linking her own "appearances" in public to those of the President, as if they were somehow "equals" in any kind of debate about how Americans live.

You know Sarah Palin has lost her marbles when she has started to repeat the "Planned Parenthood is the Devil" nonsense that didn't win very many Republicans elected office last year.

You know Sarah Palin is dumb as a box of rocks when she cites--get this--Jonah Goldberg as an authority on anything other than wearing a pantload of shame into the Waffle House.

You know Sarah Palin can't string two coherent thoughts together when "doctor" Gosnell is the living embodiment of why we need Planned Parenthood.

You know Sarah Palin is crackers when she thinks anyone cares what she thinks about unborn babies, knowing full well she's not exactly the mother of the year, or any year.

You know Sarah Palin is off her rocker when she cites the "pro-abortion centers" as if they, umm, actually existed. Because there is no such thing as a center that is pro-abortion in a way where they are excited to be performing abortions on women who legally ask for them.

You know Sarah Palin is a bag of nuts just because she was able to come up with two whole thick paragraphs about how indignant she is that the sitting President of the United States forgot to ask her for permission to appear in front of a group that takes care of women.

Why are we paying attention to this woman? Oh, that's right. She's crazy, and it's funny.

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