Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Guns Are Never the Cause of People Being Killed by Guns

There is no mention in Mr. Forman's letter to the editor about how the gun lobby has, essentially, bought off the United States Senate. There is no mention of the millions that the gun lobby has spent thwarting the will of 90% of the American people. But, you know, video games, whatever.

Laws that would slow down access to guns by criminals and the mentally ill have been blocked because the gun lobby owns the Senate; the Senators who voted against this legislation are reeling because voters are turning on them. The thing is, people in Washington D.C. tend to stay bought up to a point, and that point occurs when the polls go south on them.

The problem is, video games really aren't to blame for anything:

Our "moral panic" is being driven by the fact that people keep getting shot. Why?

Could it be the fact that there are guns everywhere? Or that there are people who have learned to solve their problems with on another by reaching for a readily-available gun?

It couldn't be that, could it?

In Mr. Forman's world, his "gut" tells him the dirty liberals and their evil money men in Hollywood are ruining the country. This is what's happening while guns spill all over the place, out of waistbands, out of suitcases, out of drawers and into the hands of people who are pulling the triggers and killing one another, often by accident.

When people are dying because of accidental gun deaths, how on Earth could anyone argue that this is happening because of video games?

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