Thursday, March 7, 2013

When Your Word Choices Signify Something Else

While we're on the subject of everyone hating everyone, why didn't Mr. Mike Gordon's letter to the editor explain things a little more clearly? Why did he choose to say "blacks hate whites" in specific terms? I thought it was about "everyone is hating everyone" and yet he deliberately seemed to choose the phrase "blacks hate whites."

It simply did not occur to him to say that whites hate blacks, and that they do so with a remarkable amount of venom and violence? Why did he choose the opposite of that statement? Because it is obvious to every American with a pulse that whites hate blacks in this country, and, if you're talking about why Albert Lea Sucks, it sucks because so many people hate people of Hispanic heritage as well.

I think that there are a lot of problems in this country, and not a few of them stem directly from the fact that there are white people in this country who cannot abide the idea of a black president.

We spent the better part of the two first years of the Obama Administration hearing about how he wasn't even born in this country and how the Black Panthers were coming to take us all out. The Republican Party has, repeatedly, stressed the racial code words that are inherent in their resentment of a black man holding higher office. No less than Roger Ailes, the man who runs Fox News, has been quoted as calling the president "lazy," thereby blowing that racist dog whistle loud and clear for his audience. Despicable.

What is dividing this country is ignorance. If people knew more about the issues, the structural problems with the world economy, what's going on in Europe and Asia, and why our political process is broken, we might get somewhere. But to say that America's problems are the result of blacks hating whites is goddamned ridiculous to an extreme that forces me to, once again, point out the inherent racism of certain elements that appear in the Albert Lea Tribune on a regular basis.

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