Friday, March 29, 2013

The Station Wagon Was Already Popular in Europe

Americans have long held ridiculous ideas about cars.

We have clung to the Hummer and the SUV for far too long; we have always sought "power" over "reliability" when it has come to picking cars. Why do they still sell Chevy cars in this country? I would never buy a Chevrolet.

The thing about living in Europe is, you come away with a different view of the automobile because society there is radically prioritized around things that actually matter--gas milage, dependability, affordability, and the needs of the family. That's why I had a good laugh at the idea that millennials in this country are suddenly discovering that the station wagon is something they could actually purchase. All over Europe, families have been choosing the station wagon for decades. Station wagons command a huge share of the market; buying a BMW station wagon for 70,000 euros is commonplace. No one looks down on such a decision.

Here, it's news. What a shame. Having owned two station wagons, I can tell you--when they're in good shape, they're comfortable and preferable to the SUV.

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