Sunday, March 31, 2013

Someone Always Has Their Undies in a Bunch About Books

Purists, your moment of outrage has arrived:
Authors Guild president and best-selling novelist Scott Turow is condemning's (AMZN) purchase of Goodreads, a leading book recommendation website. 
On the Guild home page, Turow on Friday called the acquisition a "textbook example" of how a monopoly is built. 
"The key is to eliminate or absorb competitors before they pose a serious threat," said Turow in a blog posting on Friday. 
"With its 16 million subscribers, Goodreads could easily have become a competing on-line bookseller, or played a role in directing buyers to a site other than Amazon," writes Turow. "Instead, Amazon has scuttled that potential and also squelched what was fast becoming the go-to venue for on-line reviews, attracting far more attention than Amazon for those seeking independent assessment and discussion of books."
Amazon already is a monopoly, but no one was complaining about that fact when they were able to buy all of those dirt-cheap books, CDs, movies, and everything else for next to nothing from that warehouse that had no air conditioning that was processed by all of those underpaid workers.

Our selective outrage in this country is laughable. If you're seriously worried about Amazon's buying of Goodreads making it a monopoly, then where have you been for the last decade?

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