Thursday, March 28, 2013

Scott Bute Could Be Considered a Jackass

I was wondering if Scott Bute ever heard of the Iraq War, and the trillion dollars that were spent and the thousands of Americans who were killed there. I was wondering if he remembers who started the war on terror by flying planes into buildings--you know, the terrorists like Osama Bin Laden, who ended up getting shot in the head years after George W. Bush stopped looking for him and for the weapons of mass destruction Iraq no longer had. I wonder if Scott Bute is fully on the side of the anti-Western terrorists that this president is now killing with those drones instead of Sunni and Shia citizens of Iraq who didn't fly planes into buildings.

Probably not.

Scott Bute sounds like an ignorant jackass to me. He hates President Obama so much, he's actually shedding a tear in print for terrorists who want to kill American soldiers. How far do you have to sink to actually defend terrorists? How much hate for America do you have to summon up out of your darkened, twisted soul to take the side of the people who are killing American soldiers just because you don't like the President?

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