Sunday, March 24, 2013

Paint Your Drone

The people who make and sell drone aircraft are going to have a bigger and bigger problem on the marketing front before too long.

It's not like the technology is, in and of itself, an evil one; far from it. The tactics and missions of drone aircraft are where the debates are raging (I've given up trying to explain myself and it has dissolved into a farce where people start yelling 'drooooonnnnzze!' when you talk about the nuances of foreign policy implications). The technology is benign and this is a benign enough story--the use of drones to measure and track hurricanes.

What I thought was mildly funny was the color scheme on the drone--friendly blue and white, all neutral and space age-y. The killer drones, of course, are that gunmetal gray and come looking like they're going to tear you a new one from above. The ones that NASA wants you to pay for are like something out of the future, of course.

It's the exact same Global Hawk drone, but when you see the white one hovering overhead, check the weather and head indoors. That's how you know there's nothing untoward happening in the skies.

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