Saturday, February 16, 2013

Why Are People Not Freaking Out About Hanford?

So, this happened. And it happened pretty much how everything else happens in this country--because of neglect, incompetence, and a general level of disgust that goes with anything relating to politics.

Why are people not more concerned about what has been happening at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation? Why is this not a bigger story?

We used to have an environmental movement in this country. Who bought them off? Where did the outrage go? Radioactive material has been leaking out of this facility for years and, beyond being a local or regional story, why isn't this national news? As in, why aren't people calling for a complete overhaul of how we handle and store these materials?

Billions for wars of choice and no money to fix something that could possibly devastate the Columbia River? What a pant load we've become as a nation, suffering something stupid like this in the name of not wanting to care about the environment and in the name of being friendly with business interests so that we can "get things done" as opposed to being dedicated to protecting the environment.

Common sense needs to prevail here. This site needs to be cleaned up and the toxic stew of materials found here need to be incinerated or disposed of in a smart, safe manner.

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