Wednesday, February 20, 2013

When Celebrities Abandon Their Social Media Pages

If you had over a half a million followers on Google+, would you abandon your account?

Apparently, Erin Andrews has completely abandoned her Google+ account, and that's fine. I noticed this a little while back and when a Google+ suggestion popped up, it made me wonder if she had gone back to updating her account. Uh, nope. I wonder if there are any other high profile personalities that have yanked the plug, either on Google+ or on things like Twitter and Facebook. People notice that sort of thing on Twitter fairly quickly.

Sometimes social media doesn't work out. But if you're coordinating yourself with a major broadcasting company, and if you have these massive followings, why not at least try to maintain the momentum you've gained and engage with these platforms?

Isn't that a savvier way to do business?

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