Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Apathy and Disinterest Rules This Republic

What do you do when people just don't care?

There's nothing you can write on a blog post or in a newspaper opinion column that can make people care. If they don't bring a certain level of interest to an issue, it doesn't matter. Apathy is what makes a democracy crumble, and we're seeing evidence that our own democracy is falling apart.  People just do not care what these assclowns do anymore.

And I can say assclowns now because the Speaker of the House came unhinged today and figured it would be wise to suggest that Senate Democrats get off their ass and do something.

We live in the most obstructionist of times, led by polarized elites who don't care about the suffering of others. The apparatus that shuts down dissent--through the media, through the use of surveillance and police force, and through the court system--is so well-tuned as to leave us without so much as an Occupy Wall Street option. Those good folks went down hard, and whoever tries that method again will face the same sinister repression.

If the government falls apart, who cares? Not the citizens, not anymore. Things will just stop. Imagine the whole thing stumbling forward, nothing happening, no one able to explain it anymore. We face the very real prospect of things just rumbling to a complete and utter stop. It's an abstract concept now--let it all stop! yay!--that does not stand up to scrutiny. What if you couldn't fly on a plane next week? What if you had been planning to leave the country and needed your passport? What if you lived in a town that relied on Federal money to keep things normal?

Apathy killed those things. Apathy means, well, you're stuck and no amount of blog commenting will change that.

The actual, tangible elements of government will just fade away, and crumble, and fall into disrepair, and then those who hate government will be able to point to it all and laugh the way they do. Apathy is eroding our ability to get anything done.

It's just sad. Not caring, not voting, and not participating are all rights in America. And these rights have cemented our fate, at least for now.

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