Thursday, January 17, 2013

Yes, This Really Happened

This is the story of what happened when a police officer started to investigate why bullets were striking homes. I don't know which special interest group this story hurts more--gun enthusiasts or recreational marijuana advocates:

“When I get about a half mile back in the field up on a hill, gunfire started again, and started hearing rounds go over my head,” the officer explained. 
Neil called for backup and police discovered two men who thought they were safely shooting at paper targets, but the bullets were skipping off the ground and riddling the suburban neighborhood. 
“They were drinking alcohol, they had some drugs on them and they were just outside, in their backyard shooting paper targets,” Neil said. “They felt because they were shooting at a downward angle, that it would have been OK.” 
Police suspect that “dozens” of shots were fired and have asked other residents to come forward if their homes were hit. 
Two men, 53-year-old Mark Bornino and 45-year-old R. Daniel Volpone, were arrested and are facing felony charges. Police seized an AK-47 with two high-capacity magazines, three handguns, over 700 rounds of ammunition and some marijuana.
Clearly, we have a public safety issue here, and we can't just write it off as nothing. Whatever possessed these two men to go out and act like ignorant jackasses is a large part of why we can't have an honest debate or discussion about guns anymore. People are going to shoot guns, use drugs, and there's very little we can do about it. But do we really need to debate whether or not people should have AK-47s and things of that nature? Or does the kind of weapon involved really not matter?

When does the right of two yahoos to shoot up a neighborhood intersect with the rights of the people who live in that neighborhood to be reasonably safe from AK-47 rounds?

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