Friday, January 25, 2013

Tina Turner Finds a Home in Europe

This snippet of a story doesn't tell the whole truth as to why Tina Turner is surrendering her U.S. passport. I'm sure that this will dissolve into a bunch of nonsense about taxes, but, really. Having lived in Europe, I can tell you two things.

One, taxes in the United States are much lower; if you live on the income sources that Turner lives on, you can be rest assured that a European residence has advantages and disadvantages. If her accountants are taking care of her, this is less about taxes, more about quality of life and sustaining herself on income from her recording projects, tours, and perhaps publishing. Anyone who has ever signed a contract with a major label knows that they have already been fleeced and ripped off.

There is no question in my mind--Turner has never been paid what she was owed for recording music and performing music. She may be wealthy now, but that's only because, at some point, she was able to make sound business decisions and control her fate. Whatever Turner gets from her recording deals has probably already been bled dry of whatever could be removed from it and, thus, she needs to protect her income and should not be judged for doing so.

Two, Turner is more popular in Europe than in the United States. She has more of a presence in the popular culture there. In America, she's a star, but in Europe, she's a legendary superstar, and that makes quite a bit of difference to someone who has to figure out how to spend the rest of their life. That's just reality, going back to the 1960s, and she is more appreciated there than here.

I don't judge her one bit for settling in Switzerland. Many people of means do so, and have been doing so since Switzerland was created out of almost nothing by diplomats and royalty.

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