Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Post Armstrong World

Why should anyone care about Lance Armstrong?

He is famous for being really successful in one of the most corrupt sporting activities in the history of competitive sports. Do they even bother to hold bicycle races anymore? What a crock. Believing in a competitive cyclist is akin to believing in a heroin addict who only wants to borrow your jewelry for a few days.

The real damage done by Lance Armstrong to the American psyche centers around cancer, the adversity faced by cancer survivors, and the Livestrong charity in particular that supports a broad range of cancer survivors. No one in America really cares about the Tour de France, to be completely honest with you. It's a quaint sort of non-sport for skinny men in tight shorts, but cancer is an ever-present reality for millions of Americans. This is where Lance Armstrong made a huge impact in terms of holding himself up as a survivor and a hero.

He is not the first hero to fall, but he was a major player in the lives of people who wanted to attach themselves to something tangible, which was a cancer survivor who defeated the diagnosis and went on to accomplish something significant. Those people have been handed something that they probably never expected--proof of their own gullibility. When you make fools of the people who believed in you for years, you create cynics and unbelievers. Well, we have to grow up some time.

Armstrong clearly never thought he would get caught, but in true childish fashion he's planning on squealing:

He is also said to be planning to testify against powerful individuals in the world of cycling - though not other cyclists - he will claim knew about or facilitated the doping, sources said.

This is the extent of Armstrong's character--once trapped, finally, by the lies he has spun, he turns on anyone and everyone who might be able to take the blame. This is all you need to know abou Armstrong. It wasn't "his" fault he cheated. It was everyone else's fault. What a child.

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