Thursday, January 10, 2013

Not a Great Way to Market a New Rifle

What the world needs now is a rifle that can correct the shooter's aim, right?

Someone has a curious sense of humor about the overall marketing strategy of a sniper rifle, apparently, and while it has a price tag that would almost certainly assure the public that only very, very wealthy people could possess such a weapon, I can't think of anything dumber right now. We are about to enter into a discussion about gun control in this country, and if you need a weapon like this to "hunt" with, then there's something about this discussion that has escaped the bounds of common sense.

How about we develop a weapon that won't shoot unless the person holding it is a law-abiding, not-insane person and one that fires non-lethal rounds? Or is that too silly as well? How many gun manufacturers are developing that technology right now? Zero?

Okay, then.

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