Thursday, January 3, 2013

Everything Old is New Again

The fact that Maxim magazine is popular with people in the military is certainly nothing new. Ten years ago, in South Korea, Maxim and Stuff were the most popular magazines, or so it seemed at the time. Stuff magazine lasted until 2007 and was then "folded into" Maxim. These are the British "lads" magazines that are still surviving. Are they thriving? I have no idea. Back in the day, this was how you got past the censors who decided that explicit material had to be removed from the AAFES exchange and convenience store system. They were sold extensively throughout the bases both in and out of the United States where people in the military served. Out on the South Korean economy, back issues of those magazines were a hot commodity. They had a kind of currency, if you will, and a value that many other magazines simply did not have.

Buried in the article, however, you can read some really uncomfortable endorsements that come from people who are well-meaning but are, essentially, doing the bidding of a media company that is trying to sell more products. The transition from a print version to an online version is what, I think, is really at stake here. How much longer can print magazines survive in the tablet era?

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