Friday, December 14, 2012

Who's the Lunatic Now?

If you're wondering who might be stupid enough to believe Fox News contributor Steven Crowder's version of events over all others, then you might want to wander into the always-entertaining world of FAIL where Megan McArdle lives.

Her dismissal of Marcy Wheeler as a lunatic links to this page, which is where Wheeler basically predicted the meltdown of Steven Crowder's account of the events which led to him becoming a media martyr for getting beaten up in Michigan.

Anyone who takes the Fox/Breitbart version of events as fact is automatically discredited, or will be in a matter of hours. That's practically a given at this point. And, really. If you're looking to McArdle for math, logic, or knowledge, you're probably never going to believe the facts when they emerge anyway.

Let's recap: McArdle calls Wheeler a lunatic, Wheeler is proven correct about a day later, McArdle shrugs and tweets about cooking.

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