Thursday, December 13, 2012

Privilege Makes a Monster Out of Some

I won't go into the stories because you cannot trust that they are accurate or real; they come from the gossipy, backstabbing world of Capitol Hill where the hired help always complains about their betters.

What's apparent here is that Virginia Foxx is entitled to be difficult and she is entitled to terrorize people who don't have any power. Is it fair to piece together the disparate elements of this story and suggest that Foxx has issues with using her authority to create a hostile workplace and that that, in turn, is something that is outside of the realm of accountability?

Who is going to hold her accountable if she is, in fact, enforcing a rule no one really cares about and is threatening the employment status of people who do not work for her? Who is going to explain to her that the "Members Only" elevators really are only "Members Only" for the purpose of getting members of Congress to the floor of the House when there are votes occurring? The answer is, who can hold her accountable? No one. The Speaker of the House, or the leader of the caucus to which she belongs, can say something to her but they're not going to be able to do anything unless she commits an ethics violation or assaults someone.

Until then, expect more nonsense and less accountability for creating a hostile work environment.

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