Sunday, November 25, 2012

Of Course This Means War

For John McCain, the world is a nail and he's the man holding the hammer of war.

These comments are fairly tame, yes, but behind them lies the continuing puzzlement I have with why this man appears on television virtually every Sunday and "makes news" by making statements no one listens to and advocates a course of action no one in either party will ever follow.

John McCain is the most irrelevant Senator in the Senate, and that says something since he has so much seniority. Do you want to know who has a great deal more power in the Senate right now? Start with Senator Patty Murray and continue until you get down to the people who haven't even been sworn in yet. Those people have far more power and influence in the Senate right now.

It's nice to see McCain condemning what is happening in Egypt. Where were these people when President Bush was making nice with the Muslim Brotherhood and interfering in Egypt's internal struggle to get rid of Mubarak long before the Arab Spring? Were they playing war games in Iraq or were they serious about foreign policy?

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