Sunday, November 4, 2012

Now You Tell Me

This is one of the ads that is running on one of the blogs today. How revolting.

Unfortunately, I cannot click the ad that appears on my own blog because of the rules which govern putting ads on my sites. But, if I could, I'd click on this and go read how ridiculous it is.

The idea that we should fear "homosexual" marriage is asinine and ridiculous. We should fear absolutely nothing with regards to marriage, other than being invited to a wedding a long way aways where the people getting married are only registered at Williams Sonoma (oh, that place is expensive, let me tell you) or Restoration Hardware (which closed near here because it was even more outrageously expensive).

The world is not going to end if gay people get to marry. Far from it. American society will improve dramatically, people will have less to complain about, and maybe--just maybe--more foster kids will end up in better places with families who want them.

I am all for allowing gay people to adopt and raise foster children. We need so much more of that, not less of it. So, no. Don't try to change my mind on that. Because your data on that is nonexistent. Your information and data about how gay people are somehow going to destroy America by getting married? It doesn't exist.

How can you be against something we haven't even tried yet? And how can something that hasn't happened yet contribute to the collapse of a country that was going to hell in a handbasket long before it was even remotely possible for gay people to get married?

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